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Public Relations, Crisis Management and Legal PR in Los Angeles and across the United States.
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Our Story

All around us, innovators are eschewing traditional business models and finding a better way. It’s a change that’s manifesting in every corner of commerce, from law firms to home entertainment to fundraising.

Cavalry PR is part of that evolution. We inspire our clients and are inspired by them. We love what we do. We measure our success not so much by revenue or growth, but by how well we help our clients succeed.

The agency was born out of a simple but strong concept: to form an exciting, first-of-its-kind talent pool consisting of PR experts, former journalists, media savvy attorneys, victims’ advocates and other media and PR specialists with an unparalleled understanding of today’s media.

Our name refers to the way we work together to do the best possible job for our clients, and to help in ways that other agencies don’t.


Media insiders

We also believe that, among PR professionals, there are those that believe they understand journalists and those who have been serious, career journalists. Our team is comprised of journalists from the world’s largest media outlets who have an unparalleled understanding of the media and network contacts that directly benefit our clients.

Many members of our elite team have been at senior and executive positions in TV, newspapers, magazines, tabloids and websites. We speak the same language as journalists. We know what approaches to take, and what won’t work. We’re especially good at handling high-profile clients, specialized issues and sensitive matters. The core specialties we’ve listed are areas where the team has extensive connections and incomparable expertise.


PR isn’t just about spin

We don’t use hype and empty buzzwords to overpower and bamboozle journalists and commentators who write and comment on our clients.

Cavalry PR taps into a deep knowledge and insight to help get the right message across all media platforms in the best way possible for our clients.

All PR companies will tell you that they put the client first. But ask them if they’ll actually have team members throughout the country collectively tap all their energy and contacts to make sure that a client is satisfied. The truth is that many don’t. That’s just not the traditional business model that most of them follow.

If you’re ready to leave those traditions behind, welcome to Cavalry PR. We look forward to working with you.