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Public Relations, Crisis Management and Legal PR in Los Angeles and across the United States.
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 Tel: 424.281.5533


Legal PR, Crisis Management   Los Angeles, Calif.

Robin Sax helps create media opportunities for Legal PR clients and is an advocate and attorney in crisis cases.

After spending many years as an L.A. sex crimes prosecutor, Robin became a frequent network news commentator, prolific author and public crusader for crime victims.

Robin is also a high-profile criminal attorney and family law attorney with a specialty in victim advocacy. She works in the criminal, family, and dependency courts.

Her six books include: The Complete Idiot’s Guide to the Criminal Justice System and Predators and Child Molesters: A Sex Crimes DA Answers 100 of the Most Asked Questions.

She regularly shares her powerful insights in Huffington Post, Psychology Today, People Magazine, The New York Times, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, the Los Angeles Times and the Women in Crime Ink blog.

She has received many community commendations, having been recognized by the National Council Of Jewish Women, First Star, Agape Foundation, Justice for Homicide Victims and the American Bar Association.

She serves on advisory boards for the Innocent Justice Foundation, First Star, PAVE, The Awareness Center (organizations dedicated to addressing sexual violence and abuse) and the NEST Foundation (building awareness for human trafficking).