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Crisis Management is a Cavalry PR Specialty

Crisis management

Today’s 24-hour news cycle can destroy a reputation in minutes.

With so much at stake, its crucial to have a team that knows how to work with all platforms of the media to set the record straight and defuse a crisis or, even better, avoid one altogether.

Like a good defense attorney, we know we can’t change the past – but that doesn’t stop us from navigating you toward the best possible future.

This especially includes digital reputation management. We can improve your website and its SEO, get you great press and help avoid bad press. We also use SEO and legal experts who know how to fight back against blogs and other websites that attack your good work and reputation.

Pressure doesn’t scare us off either. As former journalists, some of our best work is done on deadline.

Unlike other PR firms, Cavalry PR also has specialists who truly know what it’s like to be on the inside of a crisis that’s getting national news coverage. People like Tanya Brown, the youngest sister of Nicole Brown Simpson, who’s now a renowned speaker and author; Mika Moulton, who founded Christopher’s Clubhouse in the name of her murdered, 10-year-old son and is also a co-founder of the Surviving Parents Coalition, and Tiffany Berg Coughran, a chaplain, self-help publisher and grief counselor who has seen more than her fair share of adversity (although you’d never imagine it from meeting her).

For individuals who retain our crisis management services, these angels are not only our partners in developing the best strategy to navigate the team through the crisis, they will also be your partners in reclaiming your life and finding the strength to move forward.

  • Website content;
  • SEO manipulation and optimization;
  • Individual counseling and mentoring;
  • PR and social media campaigns; and,
  • Video and photography services.