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CPR Founder Quoted in International Business Times over O’Reilly scandal

From today’s IBT:

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So what’s next for the former favorite of conservatives? Experts seem to be split on whether he’ll be able to snap back from a presently marred public image and land himself another show with a rival network. It’s certainly happened before, but critics cite his age, 67, among a bevy of reasons why it may be difficult for him to return to prime-time television.

“My money is on FOX finally cuts O’Reilly loose (book title: “Killing O’Reilly”!) and he brings his show to an online venue a la Larry King,” Howard Breuer, a former journalist and co-founder of Cavalry PR, a national PR and crisis management firm, told International Business Times by email Wednesday. “Remember this is not about love — it’s about money. The network presumably backed him for years against his accusers because he was a cash cow.”

Once the cash runs dry — or when 50 percent of the advertisers for the company’s most profitable program pull out — the impetus for keeping him on is no longer there, added Breuer.

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