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Public Relations, Crisis Management and Legal PR in Los Angeles and across the United States.
Public Relations in Los Angeles, Crisis Management, Legal PR. Amplify Your Intelligence.™ Cavalry PR of Los Angeles. PR for Startups. Law Firm Public Relations, Corporate PR. PR for Startups. Santa Monica PR.
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 Tel: 323.920.9701


Legal PR,  Santa Monica, Calif.

Tara Klamrowski, a Santa Monica-based IP attorney and prolific blogger, helps lawyers and legal startups promote their specialties and communicate their message in niche and mainstream media and through social media.

Tara has authored hundreds of articles on a variety of legal tech and intellectual property topics, ranging from the impact of legal software to the influence of the Patent Trial and Appeal Board (PTAB).

She has a passion for law startups, and seeks to explore how technology is reshaping the practice of law through her writing.

Not one for traveling the beaten path, Tara took a break from practicing law to return to school to study physics and become a registered patent attorney.

In addition to her PR and writing work, Tara helps startups and early stage companies in the Silicon Beach community with their IP and corporate needs.

Tara also has background in fine art and holds an undergraduate degree in oil painting. Before attending law school, she co-founded an art gallery in her hometown of Milwaukee.